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Our training services are catered to every need in hair braiding and poised to offer complete package information on the cutting edge of braiding service in the following major areas.

Hair Braiding School: We focus on training you to become a professional braider on all hair types – Afro or European hair - by giving you theory and practice. We pride our unique skills on the detailed information we teach our students in Braiding.

Hair Braiding Centre: We provide you with one to one custom consultation, recommend hair styles and products suitable for the growth, maintenance and health of your hair.

Shows, Seminars and Events
We provide trainings and hair braiding services to special events and seminars.

Professional Braiders Agency
We maintain a database of our trained students who occasionally operate as freelance braiders. They are available to attend special request for freelance roles in salons, homes, birthday parties, events etc.



We recommend you groom your hair with braids to look beautiful, stylish and stunning.  This is because braids are convenient with low maintenance and gives no more bad hair days.  Braids are healthy as there are no chemicals to alter and damage your hair, rather braids help grow your hair.

At World of Braiding & Extensions, we have added fun and flair to braids.  With a combination of African traditional braids and American creative braids, we have created Modern Hair Braiding which can be applied on all hair types. 

Our unique clients includes: While we attend to all hair types, our specialist professional attention is placed with the following hairs -
European (Caucasian hair)
Afro (virgin unprocessed) hair
Mixed race hair

We know your hair is precious and we do our best to promote, protect and provide the best care for it.

With friendly and professional staff, we welcome you with a smile and attend to your needs. 

Because you are unique and special, we offer services to suit your individual needs:

  • We offer our service from a warm, friendly and private location.
  • We offer custom consultation on individual natural hair by checking its state and condition.
  • We advise on styles suitable for your hair texture that will encourage growth and avoid damage.
  • We recommend products suitable for your braided hairstyle and its maintenance.
  • We groom your damaged hair to good health – if applicable.
  • We are EXPERTS on virgin and children’s hair.
  • We offer taking out braid service.
  • Our clients are our best friends so we maintain a healthy communication and rapport with you.  Our services are based on one to one so we do not treat you just like another number.
  • Give us the service of grooming your hair for one year and watch your hair grow, flourish and remain in good health.
  • Opening times - 9:00am to 8:00pm daily

Our Services Include:

  • Braids:- micro braids, Bantu knots, feather tips, pixie; yarn; tree braids etc
  • Cornrows:- designer cornrows, Ghana/banana, criss-cross, zig-zag, interlock cornrows etc
  • Weaves:- full cornrow, bonding, cornrow design, gel design, pony tails, latch hook etc
  • Twist:- african; Nubian; afro kinky; senegalese, two strand, comb, flat etc
  • Locks:- start up locks, silky locks, lock maintainance, lock weave, lock extension etc
  • Extensions:- without glue or sewing, infusion – strand-by-strand (worn by celebrities) EZ weave etc

Give us a try and we guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with our service.


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