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At World of Braiding & Extensions, we have trained qualified teachers who are also expert braiders. With this combination, we offer our Modern Hair Braiding styles on all hair types – Afro or European and also teach our techniques to students from all backgrounds across the world.

Our unique training and styles merges the creativity of American braids with the traditional braids of Africa as we have access to both continents.

This has helped us to create and teach the best styles of both worlds. This has earned us very satisfied customers.

World of Braiding & Extensions welcomes students & customers from all backgrounds and guarantees 100% satisfaction.


Our training services are catered to every need in hair braiding and poised to offer complete package information on the cutting edge of braiding service in the following major areas.

Hair Braiding School: We focus on training you to become a professional braider on all hair types – Afro or European hair - by giving you theory and practice. We pride our unique skills on the detailed information we teach our students in Braiding.

Hair Braiding Centre: We provide you with one to one custom consultation, recommend hair styles and products suitable for the growth, maintenance and health of your hair.

Shows, Seminars and Events
We provide trainings and hair braiding services to special events and seminars.

Professional Braiders Agency
We maintain a database of our trained students who occasionally operate as freelance braiders. They are available to attend special request for freelance roles in salons, homes, birthday parties, events etc.


Some people groom their hair by brushing, combing or having it cut. Others braid their hair. Hair braiding is simply another form or method of hair grooming. It is the art of creatively designing the hair by weaving it into a pattern which provides the wearer with varied options such as easy maintenance, beauty, style, length, volume etc.

Hair braiding has come a long way. It started from Africa and became more creative in America. The market for braids has grown rapidly with worldwide recognition, changes and development and with celebrities in movies, sports and music now wearing braids for beauty purposes. These stars range from Beyonce, David Beckham, Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keys, Sean Paul, Rio Ferdinand, Lemar etc.

Whatever your reasons for choosing braids – beauty, style, change of colour, add volume, add length etc, at World of Braiding & Extensions, we have chosen to modernise braids by adding flair and fun to braids. We have blended the creative designs from America to the traditional designs of Africa to create Modern Hair Braiding.

Our Mission:

  • To make Hair Braiding a glamorous, respected and recognised profession.
  • To make hair braiding accessible to everyone from all races.


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