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Our training services are catered to every need in hair braiding and poised to offer complete package information on the cutting edge of braiding service in the following major areas.

Hair Braiding School: We focus on training you to become a professional braider on all hair types – Afro or European hair - by giving you theory and practice. We pride our unique skills on the detailed information we teach our students in Braiding.

Hair Braiding Centre: We provide you with one to one custom consultation, recommend hair styles and products suitable for the growth, maintenance and health of your hair.

Shows, Seminars and Events
We provide trainings and hair braiding services to special events and seminars.

Professional Braiders Agency
We maintain a database of our trained students who occasionally operate as freelance braiders. They are available to attend special request for freelance roles in salons, homes, birthday parties, events etc.


Are you unemployed & tired of looking for work?
Need a new career? 
Need to gain a new skill?
Are you fed up investing in trainings that earn you nothing in return? 
Do you want to earn between £300 - £1,500 a week?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then you need World of Braiding & Extensions.

At World of Braiding & Extensions, we teach you to become a professional braider.  Join thousands of people who have already trained with us and would guarantee 100% that our training helped them achieve their dreams.

In one day, you will gain the skill of a lifetime, which will help you recover your investment and provide you with the cash you need.  World of Braiding & Extensions teaches you theory and practice which you will find makes braiding quick and easy to learn and transforms even the beginner braider to a professional.

Become a professional braider by doing damage-free braids, knowing how to consult with your customers, knowing different hair products that groom healthy hair, health and safety in braiding and many more.  We are the only training school to add theory to the skill of braiding as we give you a Braid Reference Manual to keep you reminded of your braiding information.

We offer our 100% guarantee that when you complete training with us, you will confidently start your braiding business and start earning money.  In fact our students confirm earning money even as they train with us. 

World of Braiding & Extensions is unique because we are set up mainly to train a global mix of students.  We apply our qualified teachers who take their time to explain every technique.  This way our students complete their training completely satisfied 

How we train you.

  • We allow you the choice of the styles you want to get trained on. 
  • We show demonstrations of at least two ways to master your chosen technique. 
  • We give you photocopy sample of every style you learn.
  • We ensure you plait a full manequine head so you can see the result of your creativity. 
  • We ask you to start a portfolio with pictures of every style you create. 
  • We give you the option to bring a live model in our salon and design their hair with your chosen style so you gain confidence working with customers.  We support you all the way with your model.  (NO other trainer offers this!!!)
  • We give you theoretical information on braiding and support it with handouts.  (NO other trainer offers this).
  • We give you a completion certificate when you finish your course. 
  • We can organise work experience if you request for it and can offer you freelance work in our salon.
  • Show you how to start and market your braiding business.
  • Give you information about trade shows, exhibitions and seminars in braiding. 


Pick one technique in braiding that suits your particular need. For example, a latest braiding design technique in order to add to your existing line of service or to braid a particular technique on your family and friends.

Content: 1 technique of braiding (based on requirement)
Duration: 1 day 10am – 5pm of intensive hands-on training.

2a Introduction to Braiding Course

This course gives a general introduction to braiding.It involves the basic skill of braiding from beginner level to professional stage. This course also introduces the general art of finger placement when braiding. This method gets every student prepared for the trip into the world of braiding. It is exceptionally of great value to students who have never braided or are not sure of their braiding skill. It is also useful to students who have been braiding with the wrong finger technique

Note: Training can be done on individual basis where dates will be negotiated between trainer and student.

2b Introduction to Braiding workshop

The Introduction to Braiding Course is run on a Workshop / Bootcamp basis. These workshops are put together to suit students who are unable to travel due to different reasons. For the workshops; dates are fixed and venue chosen according to towns and countries in question. The course is then advertised and interested students register and attend.

Content: 4 techniques of braiding.(see contents enclosed)
Duration: 3 days (10am – 5pm) of intensive hands-on training.

3 Specialist Courses

These courses are specialised into different areas of braiding and is useful to students who are interested in particular skills.

Weaving Course – 4 techniques of weaving
Cornrowing Course – 4 techniques of cornrowing
Braiding course – 4 techniques of braiding
Twisting – 4 techniques of twisting
Locking – 4 techniques of locking
Extensions – full information on strand-by-strand (worn by celebrities).

Duration: 3 days (10am – 5pm) of intensive hands-on training in each individual specialist area.
Note: Some specialist course may require prior knowledge of braiding skill e.g weaving skill. Content of course will be negotiated between student and trainer.

4 Full Foundation Course

Gain a full knowledge of braiding, cornrowing, twisting and weaving in a full course that contains a combination of all you need to know to get started. Suitable to students who already own salons or intend to start a salon but need the know-how to move their business forward or get started.

Note: Students do not need any prior experience or knowledge of braiding as this course starts from beginner level.
Content: 10 techniques of braiding (may be altered to suit students requirement).
Duration: 10 days (10am – 5pm) of intensive hands-on training.
(Training can also be done on individual basis where dates will be negotiated between trainer and student.).

5 International Hairbraiding ©

This is a full well packaged training to get students into every detail of the business of braiding. This course answers the demands of the student who wants to complete the training and become involved in the business of braiding. This student gets fully informed, knowledgeable and well set up in the braiding industry. The content includes modern braids on all hair types such as European (Caucasian hair), Afro hair types of all textures - unprocessed natural or chemically relaxed hair, Asian hair types etc. This course releases the creativity of students to explore and try new ideas they have always imagined. Skills to be gained range from modern cornrows; modern twists, modern weaves to extensions (strand-by-strand used by celebrities). This full course incorporates all the techniques in the specialist courses and is aimed at students who are ready to move their braiding business to the next level on the international scene.

Content: 21 techniques of braiding. (may be altered to suit individual students' requirement)
Duration: 14 days (10am – 5pm) of intensive hands-on training.
(Individual training dates are negotiated between trainer and student.)


Introduction to Braiding Course

1.Singles – natural
3.Cornrows – natural
4.Cornrows –extensions

Specialist Course


Foundation Course

1.Singles – natural
2.Singles – extensions
4.cornrows – natural
5.cornrows – extension
6.Two strand twist
7.Afro kinky twist
8.Comb twist
9.Bonding weave
10.Full cornrow weave

International Hairbraiding© Course Content

1 Natural Hair
2 Adding Extensions
3 Feather Tips
4 Pixie
5 Curly Hair extns
6 Two strand
7 Afro Kinky twist
8 Senegalese twist
Designing Cornrows
9 Natural hair - all back.
10 Adding Extensions - pineapple style
11 zig zag/criss-cross
12 Ghana/banana
13 comb twist
14 palm roll
15 Silky locs
16 Loc extensions
17 Tree braid weave
18 Bonding weave
19 Cornrow designed weave/braid designed weave
20 Full Cornrow weave
21 Extensions - glue gun infusion
22 Extensions - micro bead infusion

Notes and topics to cover

At World of Braiding, we see every student as an individual and therefore tailor trainings to suit their particular needs and the location they are based in. In spite of all this, we also know that our student need in addition to the skill of braiding, a world of information that gets them prepared for the questions and the enquiries they will encounter from their clients. For this reason we have put together a package of information to suit every eventuality. Therefore all our courses are supported with detailed information into the following areas of Braiding.


Definition of hair braiding, History and contemporary

What is hair, how does it grow and what causes damage

Why do people braid, some braiding concerns and how to solve them

Qualities of a good braider, benefits of being a braider/ braiding artist.

See, feel and know major types of Hair Extensions; their sources, presentation, textures, colours, lengths

Types of hair braiding techniques and the hairs suitable to them

Know the skill of parting/ sectioning hair and how to achieve a neat scalp parting

Know the different ways of finishing your braids

Start and complete designing a full head of braid to see your creativity.


Safety procedures to adhere to in Braiding

Know the personal hygiene to comply with in braiding business.


Gain tips on how to start, market and accelerate your braiding business

 Know how to consult with clients, care and manage their complaints

Gain tips on building and maintaining your customer base

Create your work portfolio

Pricing your service

**Course contents may be changed from time to time.

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